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The EGI Security Company organization and the related information systems comply with the obligations inherent to the minimum security measures envisaged by Articles 33, 34 and 35 of 196/2003 Italian Legislative Decree, aimed at guaranteeing maximum confidentiality in data processing.
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S.I.S. - Intelligence & Security

Polinvestigation - Servizi d'Investigazione e Sicurezza
Polinvestigation - Security & Investigation Services is a professional Private Investigation Company operating both in Italy and internationally.
Polinvestigation is the evolution of the traditional private detective able to offer the best investigative services.
Polinvestigation is the new way of making investigation in a world where information makes the difference.
Polinvestigation assists private, businesses and attorneys by finding and analyzing information for achieving the objective with the best cost-benefit ratio.
Polinvestigation is a professional partner.
EGI Security & Polinvestigation offer a full range of Professional Services:

Commercial Investigation:
- Collect Legal Commercial Intelligence
- Collect the Intelligence of Rivals
- Trademark Infringement or Product Counterfeit
- Commerce or Market Information
- Enterprise Background, Commercial Credit or Shareholders
- Good Faith and Personal Integrity of Employees for Enterprises
- Company Official Registered Records and Company Official Files
- Records of Entry and Exit for Private Affairs
- Antisabotage

Civil Investigation:
- Personal Credit, Identity and Background
- National Household Registration
- Citizenship & Residence
- Domestic Hotel Accommodation Registration
- Domestic Temporary Residence Permits
- License and Motor Vehicle Records
- Matrimonial Investigation (Extramarital Love, Concubines or Bigamy Activities)
- States of Hidden Bankroll or House Property Between Spouse
- Act for Lawsuit and Apply Compulsory Execution
- Personal Whereabouts or Sociality States
- Extra-Scholastic Activities Investigation
- College Education Verification
- Elder Abuse

Properties Investigation:
- Search about Hidden Property, Bankroll or House Property, Car Property
- Permanent Assets and Current Assets of the Enterprise
- Search Property, Bankroll or House Property of The Debtor
- Mediate Non-Litigant Economy and Property Knottiness
- Resolution of Corporate Debt and Personal Debt

Commercial, Civil and Properties Investigations
Missing Persons & Address Location:
- Debtors
- Missing Persons
- Absconding or Vicious Employees
- First Lover
- Old Friends and Military Buddies
- Biological Parents, Adoptees, Siblings and other Relatives
- Address and Telephone Number

Safety & Security:
- Personal Bodyguard Service
- Enterprise Escort Service
- Enterprise Safety Protect Consultation
- Private Safety Protect Consultation
- Social Security
- Surveillances

Intelligence Technologies:
- TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures), Bug-Sweeping and Electronic Countersurveillance
- Corporate Counterespionage

- IT Security
- Computer Networks Controls
- Computer Forensics
- Data Recovery by Software Based or Clean Room

- Data and Detail List of Domestic Telephone or Mobile Phone

- Mobile Forensics: Smartphones & SIM Data Recovery
- Cellebrite UFED Technology
- Phones Investigations

- Custom Installations and Special Set-Ups
- Provide Satellite Positioning for Mobile Phone Number
- Remote Control Devices Installation
- GPS Vehicle Tracking

TSCM, Bug-Sweeping & Electronic Countersurveillance

GSM Geolocation Service
Online Scams & Stalking Reporting:
Online Scams & Stalking Reporting
A dedicated section is available for Online & Stalking Fraud Reporting to report Scams, Fraudsters and Stalking Actions in order to unmask the offender by giving him a name and a face to be able to take consequent and possible Legal Actions.
The inquiries will be carried out privately at the Investigative Level, in order to respect the victim's Privacy and avoid the disclosure of documents and Investigative Investigation results (Professional Ethics Code). Some cases could be turned or conducted in collaboration with own local Law Enforcement, Postal Police and / or other competent agencies/departments..
Online Associate Law Firm: 

Associate Law Firm

The Associate Law Firm is an online platform where experienced Lawyers, both civil and criminal disciplines, carefully evaluate each situation and recommend the best strategies to get results.
The Associated Law Firm assesses the individual case and provides informations on the right procedures to be followed guaranteed by
Law's terms.
Legal Consultations with Forensic Expert - 1st Consultation Free.
From the Online Lawyers Team you will get quickly all the answers.

Technical and Scientific Forensics Services:
Technical and Scientific Forensics Services
EGI Security & Polinvestigation, through the collaboration of the Law Enforcement Scientific Investigations Department (such as Italian Carabinieri's RIS Department) and the numerous experts in the various disciplines, offer Consulting and Technical / Scientific Expertise Services in the Forensic, Criminalistic, Investigation and Scientific Analysis in the various fields of application and judicial cases, exclusively destined to the Administration of Justice (operating both in Italy and internationally).
EGI Security also specializes in Complete Background Searches, Unlisted Phone Numbers, Criminal Records, License and Registration Info and any other Information You Wish to Obtain or Verify.

Each Case is handled with the utmost Integrity and Discretion.

Contact Us for Free initial consultation by mail or by Form.
All data are dealt with confidentially and all information is used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
See the Privacy Policy page for further informations.
The EGI Security & Polinvestigation professionality is the Definitive Solution
for your Safety, Security and Privacy.
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