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SPOT Satellite Messenger - Service Pricing:
€ 99.00 /yr Basic Satellite Service Subscription includes:

ALERT 9-1-1: Dispatch emergency responders to your exact location. Unlimited usage included.
CHECK IN (OK): Let contacts know where you are and that you’re okay.
   Unlimited Check In emails included.
   Up to 200 annual Check-In or Help text messages to any mobile phone, worldwide, are also included in the plan.
   Additional text messages cost € 0.10 per message.
ASK FOR HELP: Request help from friends and family at your exact location.
   Unlimited HELP emails included.
   Up to 200 annual Check-In or HELP text messages to any mobile phone, worldwide, are also included in the plan.
   Additional text messages cost € 0.10 per message.

Upgrade Services::

TRACK PROGRESS - € 39,00 /yr Tracking Upgrade Option.
   Send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress using Google Maps™.
GEOS Search & Rescue Benefit - € 11.00 /yr (if purchased at initial activation. € 150.00 afterwards).
   Provides up to $ 100,000 (USD) of additional search and rescue resources, including helicopter extraction around the world and    reimbursement benefits – underwritten by Lloyd’s of London – for any emergency service expenses incurred.

GEOS offers an entire world of best of breed services that encompass security, safety and reliable communications for corporations as well as domestic and international travelers.
The GEOS program is delivered through a fusion of state-of-the-art technology with the unparalleled experience of the very best and most respected specialists in the fields of international, personal and corporate protection and communications.
To learn more about the GEOS 9-1-1 Emergency Response Centers and the full range of GEOS Services offered worldwide, visit http://www.geosalliance.com/sar or download the GEOS Emergency Response Services brochure.
SPOT - Satellite Personal TrackerSPOT - Satellite Personal Tracker
But you don’t have to be an avid outdoor adventurer to be at risk.
Anyone who works or travels in remote areas, or who lives in a region where the threat of inclement weather or natural disasters are a reality also knows how fast situations can turn bad and how quickly you can find yourself without communications.
Which is why SPOT makes the perfect addition to any survival or disaster preparedness kit.

ON LAND: Adventure Racing - Archaeology - Backcountry Skiing - Backpacking - Bouldering - Camping - Canyoneering - Climbing - Delivery Drivers - Field Agents - Forestry - Heli-skiing - Hiking - Horseback Riding - Hunting - Insurance Adjusters - Line Workers - Lone Workers - Long distance driving - Long haul trucking - Mining - Mountain Biking - Mountaineering - Natural Resources - Oil and Gas - Orienteering - Repelling - Rock Climbing - Snowboarding - Snowmobiling - Snowshoeing - Storm Chasing - Traveling Sales - Trekking Utilities - Road Trips - Wildlife Viewing

ON THE WATER: Anglers - Boating - Canoeing - Commercial Fishing - Fly-fishing - Ice Fishing - Kayaking - Maritime Transport - Tugs - Personal Watercraft - River Running - Sailboarding - Sailing - Salt water sportsmen - Water skiing - Whitewater Rafting - Workboats

IN THE AIR: Bush Pilots - Business Travelers - Crop Dusters - Fixed wing aircraft - General Aviation - Gliders Private Aviation - Hang Gliders - Helicopters - Heli-skiing - Hot Air Balloons - Sea Planes

SPOT gives you a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when and where you need it. And since it utilizes 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world – even where cell phones don’t.
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