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GSM Interceptor - Cellular Network Monitoring System
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GSM Interceptor Monitoring System
Cellular Network Passive Monitoring System
The Complex is applied for searching, intercepting and signal recording of cellular networks with the purpose of control of talks, SMS and localization of subscribers. Interception and decoding of signals from base stations and mobile telephones GSM frequency band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz in real time.
The System can track multiple conversations simultaneously and provide voice monitoring and call information display in a central monitoring station.
Tactical Low-Emission "Off Air" Undetectable System (it does not alter GSM bands).
Real Time A5.1 and A5.2 desencryption. The System operates on both the Non Encrypted and Encrypted GSM Networks completely independently of the Cellular Provider.

New Interception Protocol System of TMSI, IMSI, IMEI, KC, KI and PLMN:

TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity)
IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
KC (Key Cipher)
KI (Individual Subscriber Authentication Key)
PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network)

The System is Soft-Hardware and consists of:
• A Unit of signals’ receiving and processing - up to 8 units on 1 control computer (up to 128 channels)
• Antennas and Feeders Set System
• A Control Computer (Notebook) with special SW
• Test Mobile Phone with the Open Engineering Program
• “Boomerang” Device for IMSI and TMSI Determination
• CDs, Containing Software and Operating Instruction
• The Control Program Software for units of signals’ receiving and processing
• Applications for processing archives
• Decoder A5/2 - as an integration option of the Control Computer
• IKG Head Phones
• Connecting Cable to Be Connected to the PC’s USB-port
• Power Cable and Car Lighter Connecting Cable (12 VCC, 110 VCA and 220 VCA)

Protocol Windows register all the System’s Activity:
• All conversations intercepted wiil be saved in WAV protocol files.
• General Mode (Random) and Specific Mode Interception. Interception suitable for SMS and data (text   messages, Internet and GPRS data), when intercepted are stored as a text in a protocol file.

EGI Security offers Operation Courses, Guarantee and the best Post-Sale Service.

Ask for a DEMONSTRATION of the GSM Interceptor Equipment Operation in your Country.
This System has been tested throughout all over the World with excellent results.
Due to the nature of the system no names of Official and/or Governmental Dept. will be released.
End User Certificate (EUC) will be required.
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Availability: Immediate

This Product is strictly reserved to Law Enforcement:

You are responsible for deciding on the suitability of the goods offered for any particular purpose and for the consequences arising from your purchase. By purchasing or placing an order for any product through our website or any of our publications or any material connected directly with our Company, you are acknowledging that you fully understand and have consulted the legality status through a respected governing body.

You are purchasing on the understanding that you have made all appropriate means to comply yourself and fully understand the applicable laws relating to such equipment used in this country or your own country and the consequences which may be implied by their misuse.

EGI Security will not be held responsible for failure or malfunction of any handset caused by a bad using.

EGI Security
declines any responsability for illegal use of these devices. Use at your own risk.

The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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These Products and Services are strictly reserved to Law Enforcement, Government Security, Official Investigators, Federal Departments and Military Agencies

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