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+ Telephone Microtransmitter + 2 Channels UHF Receiver
EGS-Kit Gold 3
The EGS-Kit Gold 3 is a Professional miniaturized System that allows the user to listen telephone and room conversations in the limit of range (600 m).
EGS-Kit Gold 3 - Room TX + Telephone TX + 2 Channels UHF RX
The EGS-Kit Gold 3 is a complete kit featuring GRTX1 UHF Room Microtransmitter + GTTX2 UHF Telephone Microtransmitter with Serial Connection + GRX2 UHF Receiver (2 Channels) + Stereo Headphones.

The GRTX1 UHF Room Microtransmitter has an internal battery 3,6 V Lithium. Battery life is 4 days of continuous transmission. The GRTX1 Room Microtransmitter's tiny dimensions make it suitable to be concealed, carried anywhere and placed where it can not be detected. Higher power output transmitter.

The tiny GTTX2 UHF Telephone Microtransmitter can be connected anywhere along a telephone line.
It can be concealed inside a socket or even inside the telephone itself. Power supplied directly from the telephone line, no batteries required; so once installed require no further attention. Higher power output transmitter. Designed for use in conventional analog telephone systems. This device allows all telephone calls to be monitored using dedicated pocket receiver.

The GRX2 UHF Receiver is a portable System with Walkman Style Stereo Headphones. The output socket allows any compatible tape or digital audio recorder to be connected.
Two dedicated channels of operation (CH1/CH2) are available in a sturdy compact case which can fit discreetly inside a pocket.

The EGS-Kit Gold 3 is highly sensitive thus optimising the reception range. Extensive filtering gives interference-free and crystal clear audio quality.

Technical Specifications:

GRTX1 - UHF Room Microtransmitter:

• Frequency Range: 380 - 560 MHz
• Frequency Modulation: Narrowband FM
• Antenna: Semi-flexible Cable
• Microphone: Internal Electret Type
• Power Supply: 3.6V Lithium
• Controls: On-Off Switch
• Operating Temperature: -10°/+60°C
• Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 17 mm
GTTX2 - UHF Telephone Microtransmitter:

• Frequency Range: 380 - 560 MHz
• Frequency Modulation: Narrowband FM
• Bandwidth: 4.5KHz (UHF)
• Antenna: Telephone Line
• Power Supply: Telephone Line Serial Connection (48 VDC)
• Output Power: 20 mW
• Operating Temperature: -10°/+60°C
• Dimensions: 27 x 20 x 10 mm

GRX2 - 2 Channels UHF Receiver:

• Frequency Range: 380 - 560 MHz
• Channel Options: 2
• Controls: On-Off Switch, Channel Select Switch (CH1/CH2), Volume Control
• Connectors: Antenna Socket, Stereo Headphones/Recorder Socket
• Power Supply: 9V PP3
• Dimensions: 70 x 67 x 23 mm

Easy Installation
Easy Installation
Easy Installation
• GRTX1 - UHF Room Microtransmitter - € 270
• GTTX2 - UHF Telephone Microtransmitter with Serial Connection - € 270
• GRX2 - 2 Channels UHF Receiver - € 325
PDF Document
Availability: Immediate
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The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices.
EGI Security declines any responsability for illegal use of these devices. Use at your own risk.

Electronic Intelligence - EGI Security

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