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Digital Voice Transformer
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The EGS-VT1 is a Digital Voice Transformer that modifies the voice in various natural tones allowing the user to stay anonymous.

The EGS-VT1 gives you total control over your voice: Timbre, Tone, Pitch, special effects and High-Quality Digital Stereo Reverb. No other voice changer unit on the market offers these exclusive features.
Apart from being the ultimate DJ effects unit, the EGS-VT1 will benefit virtually any application where signal manipulation is needed.
The Digital Voice Transformer EGS-VT1 can be used for Personal Security and Protection in the Phone Communications, musical and artistic activities as well as recording studies, karaoke, broadcasting and even home video for adding special vocal effects, but also for logistic and investigative scopes.

Perfect for any Applications featuring Voice. The EGS-VT-1 can change a male voice into a female or even a child's voice, yet sound completely natural. It lets you configure user Patches with completely different voice characters and rapidly switch between them to take on different roles.

Centering the Mix Balance slider lets you mix a man's dry voice together with the same voice transformed into a woman's for a duet. Alters voice, creating new sounds for a variety of applications.

The EGS-VT-1 is a unique device designed for altering and effecting the human voice or any other signal.
EGS-VT-1 - Digital Voice Transformer
The user-friendly tabletop design features four sliders for total control, real-time adjustments and precise level:

• PITCH slider raises or lowers the fundamental
   note pitch; +/-1 octave pitch shift capabilities.
• FORMANT slider adjusts pitch of formant
   components, creating an effect virtually the
   same as changing vocal cords and the shape
   of the vocal tract.
• MIX BALANCE slider allows mixing dry and
   effected voices.
• REVERB slider adds stereo reverb equivalent
   to high-quality dedicated units
• ROBOT button turns your voice into a robot
• BYPASS button
• WRITE button to store a setting
• 4 Preset Patches + 4 User Patches
EGS-VT-1 - Digital Voice Transformer
Rear panel Controls & Connectors:

• Block Cables System
• AC Adapter Input
• Power Switch ON/OFF
• Remote Control
• Stereo Line Output R/L
• Mic Output
• Input Connector
• Input Level Control Line/Mic
• CE Tested Mark Certification
A Remote jack for connecting footswitches to switch the effected voice on/off while still accessing reverb.
The EGS-VT-1 is easy to install. You can easly plug to any type of audio recorders, mixers, Hi-Fi systems, amplificator systems, PCs and phone communication systems.

Note: The EGS-VT-1 will NOT connect directly to a phone.
EGI Security declines any responsability for illegal use of this device.
Technical Specifications:

• Indicators: Peak; Bank x 2; Number x 4; Bypass; Robot
• Power Supply: 9V AC/DC - 300mA
• Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 5 cm
• Compact and Portable
• Colorful Eye-catching Design
• Weight: 480 gr (excluding AC Adapter)
• Hands Free Head Set: microphone/earpiece
• Owner's Manual
• 5 Years Warranty
EGS-VT-1 - Digital Voice Transformer
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