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Digital GSM Spot Wiretap
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EGS-WT-2810 - Digital GSM Spot Wiretap
The Digital GSM Spot Wiretap EGS-WT-2810 is a miniaturized GSM transmitter equipped with voice detector; VAS (Voice Activation System).

Designed for home, office and vehicles monitoring.

EGS-WT-2810 has a built-in Li-Ion battery that can work for a week in stand-by mode without being re-charged.

Built-in Siemens® GSM Module. You can set 4 sensitivity voice levels of the microphone for detect voice in the area.

Auto dialing of Pre-defined Numbers (PN), or SMS alert, when voice is detected.
You can configure up to 3 Pre-defined Numbers where the EGS-WT-2810 would automatically call you when activated.

Custom functions settings can be remotely programmed by sending simple SMS commands.

Its tiny dimensions and the built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery make it suitable to be concealed, carried anywhere and placed where it can not be detected.


VOICE ACTIVE MONITORING – VAS (Voice Activation System) - when detect voice level higher then voice setting sensitivity, the EGS-WT-2810 module will send SMS and making call automatically.
AUTOMATIC CALL – When detect voices the Digital GSM Spot Wiretap module will making call to Pre-defined Number automatically.
MICROPHONE SENSITIVITY – You can set 4 sensitivity voice levels of the High-Quality microphone for detect voice in the target area.
SMS TEXT MESSAGE COMMANDS – The Digital GSM Spot Wiretap module can be set through SMS text message commands for Automatic Call, Microphone Sensitivity and Voice Detect functions.
BUILT-IN RECHARGABLE LI-ION BATTERY – The Digital GSM Spot Wiretap module can work for a week in stand-by mode without being re-charged. (fully charged).

Technical Specifications*:

GSM Network: Tri-Band 900/1800/1900
Siemens® GSM Module
Password Protection SMS Text Message for Access Security
Audio Sensitivity: -75db
Microphone Sensitivity: 4 levels
Pre-defined Numbers: 3 sets
Built-in Li-Ion Battery: 3. 7V DC - 550mAh
Power Supply/Re-charger: 5V-6VDC
Power Consumption: 20mA (stand by mode), 200mA (monitoring mode)
Dimensions: variable; approx 38 x 35 x 10 mm

*Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notification or on customer request.

EGS-WT-2810 - Digital GSM Spot Wiretap
PDF Document
Availability: Immediate
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