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Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer
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EGS-Spectra Download Center

Download Center

10 Years Warranty

Designed  and Conforms to International Standard

Made In Germany

CE Certification - 89/106/CEE

ICNIRP - International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection

The EGS-Spectra is a Multifunction RF Measurement and Spectrum Analyzer Device.
Detect radiation sources, their respective frequencies and signal strengths, including direct display of exposure limits ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection).
EGS-Spectra - Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer
The EGS-Spectra RF Spectrum Analyzer is a device suggested by Brands and Companies as well as BOEING, NATO, BMW, PHILIPS, Siemens, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Mercedes Benz, RTL Television, etc.
The EGS-Spectra RF Spectrum Analyzer can detect signal sources in the 100 metres radius range, as well as GSM, UMTS, GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. in a frequency range from 1 MHz ~ 9.4 GHz (max).

The EGS-Spectra multifunctional countersurveillance device is perfect for homes, offices, hotel rooms and veicles security. It can detect all eavesdropping transmitters, room bugs, telephone transmitters, concealed video cameras, audio recorders, tapped cellular phones, GPS tracking devices and other radio frequency bugging devices.
The EGS-Spectra RF Spectrum Analyzer is a indispensable device for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) or bug sweeps to protect privacy and confidential informations being disclosed secretly.
You can detect several types of interceptions and locate the illegal surveillance equipments.

Professional RF and EMF measurement devices use a frequency dependant measurement approach, the so-called spectrum analysis. In a certain frequency range, the individuals signals and their respective strengths are being broken down. Thanks to EGS-Spectra direct frequency display of the individual signal sources, a mapping of measurement results to the corresponding radiation sources is possible.

The rechargable NiMH high-performance battery has been developed specifically for the EGS-Spectra devices and is optimally suited for their requirements. Thanks to NiMH technology, the dreaded "Memory effect" is now a thing of the past, as with this power battery, maximum quality and long life have been our primary goals. Another reason why such a battery technology is necessary is the high power demand of the high-performance DSP used in all EGS-Spectra units, which furthermore include very demanding RF receiving circuitry.
EGS-Spectra - Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer
The highly complex calculations in EGS-Spectra spectrum analysis (incl. exposure limit calculation) is being performed, unnoticed in the bakkground, by a high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
This ultra-fast processor even allows real-time display in EMF (LF) unit.
The EGS-Spectra measurement device offers Data Logging feature that allows long-term recordings of measurement results over a freely adjustable period of time. This is particularly indispensable for serious evaluation of exposure by appliances and machinery which have a changing power consumption or radiation strength over time.

High-resolution digital pixel display (80x60mm) in FSTN quality with various numeric indicators, large bargraph and text display for simultaneous display of several measurement results and physical units.
Available in various models with different Frequency Range depending on the needs.
The exceptional specifications of the Log Periodic Broadband Yagi HyperLOG antenna are recognized impressively by an abundance of ISO calibration certificates and the DKD-certified SERCO AG laboratory. The HyperLOG antennas are thus the perfect solution for both mobile measurement and direction finding applications as well as the laboratory.
Every HyperLOG antenna goes through rigorous testing in our laboratories before dispatch and is equipped with a high quality Gold Coating, a high-tech antenna-case (Radom) which offers protection against mechanical damange and environmental influence, a top-quality integrated tripod connection and an SMA connector (18 Ghz version) with twist protection.
Apart from application as a high quality measurement-antenna and direction finder, this emc-antenna is also very well suited as a directional-antenna for WLan, WiFi, and other directional communication applications.
The HyperLOG antenna is suitable for measurement according to the following standards and procedures: CISPR, VDE, MIL, VG, EN 55011, EN 55013, EN 55015, EN 55022 e MIL-Std-461.
EGS-Spectra Download Center
The PC Analysis Software demonstrates EGS-Spectra's vast capabilities.
It can be used in addition to EGS-Spectra and offers an incredible amount of features. Just get it from Download Center, and your PC turns into a real spectrum analyser with a huge display:
• Multi-device capability. Remote control of several EGS-Spectra units. These can be controlled and their    data displayed at once on a single PC.
• Display of channel identifiers for exact identification of providers, channel numbers etc. freely    programmable and extensible
• High-Resolution, freely scalable, coloured spectrum display with falloff function.
• Up to 10 markers with frequency and level display.
• Intuitive zoom control with very comfortable frequency adjustment.
• SUPER-LOGGER: all data can be written to disk continuously. File format is readable by spreadsheet    applications, for creating custom reports, etc. (.doc, .txt, .rtf. .pdf. ;.xls, .htm, .html)
• Freely positionable windows for comfortable entry of frequency, RBW, sweeptime etc.
• Various pre-defined profiles for DECT, UMTS, GSM, WLan, etc.for instant recall. Including optimal    parameters and extensive channel information. Freely programmable and extensible.
• Independant main display with simultaneous display of dBm, dB΅V, V/m, W/m2 and A/m, each with    AUTORANGE. Freely transposable and scalable.
• Superb exposure limit display with various profiles (ICNIRP, Salzburg precautionary values, ECOLOG,    etc.). Freely programmable with a virtually infinite amount of display options.
• Functionality to update unit measurement device firmwares.
• Freely programmable key assignments and labels for unit measurement devices.
• Filemanager and compiler for creation and management of your own programs for measurement    devices.
Technical Specifications :

RF Detector and Analyzer Device for electronic countermeasures.
Includes more than 5 Instruments:

• Electromagnetic Field Measurement Device
• RF Spectrum Analyzer
• RF Measurement Device
• RF Scanner
• RF Detector
• High Resoution Digital LC Display (80x60 mm in Size)
• USB 2.0 Connector
• Audio Output and Internal Speaker
• PC Analysis Software
• HyperLOG EMC/directional Antenna and Tripod
• Detachable Miniature Rod Antenna
• 1 metre SMA Cable
• SMA Adapter and Toolset
• 1300 mAh Power Battery (5h Operating) with Charger
• Sturdy Aluminum-Design Carrycase (with Custom Padding)
• Manual with Lots of Basic Information, Hints, Backgrund Information and Exposure Limit Tables
• Frequency Range: 10 ~ 8.000 Mhz (8 Ghz)
• 1 ~ 10.000 Mhz (10 Ghz) on demand
• Sensibility –90 Dmb
• Detecting Range: 100 metres
EGS-Spectra Download Center
CE Certification - 10 Years Warranty
PDF Document
Availability: Immediate
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